Times are changing

Life pushes us sometimes to close doors and open new, even if we are not ready. Our higher selves know you are and all you can do is just go with, go with the ride. Nothing bad can happen, it might only be a bit dark for a bit but then the excitement will take over when you start to glance behind the new door, full of new challenges and connections.

Due to increased demand on my treatments I have now decided to offer my treatments in a beautiful room on Cheap Street. I will still have my treatment room in my home for weekend bookings and last minute ones but I will be focusing on offering my treatments on set days at Cheap Street.

I will be offering treatments Wednesdays between 9am-1.30pm and Fridays at 1.30pm - 5.30pm.

To bring more light to this change I will offer your first booking with me with a £10 discount.

Come and join me in the heart of Frome, to a held space just for you.

xx - Linnea

Linnea Johansson