The Heartfelt Massage

I started off my massage journey in Gothenburg 2007, I was 18 years old. I was very passionate about massage, but quickly I got tired and something didn't feel right, was it something I missed? I felt disconnected when I did my treatments and I started to see it as something separate from myself. I went off to work in Spain, UK, Maldives and Sweden. I was not enjoying it, I was tired and my body ached, something wasn’t right. I got told by several people that I had healing and comforting hands but I couldn’t feel it.

It took me some time to find my way into the deeper massage, the heartfelt massage. It was all together with me finding myself, loving and healing myself. I couldn’t heal anyone else before I started to heal myself. A new door opened up, my treatments became something different, something I sometimes couldn’t explain. I was led intuitively and I listened to the client's bodies and followed where their emotions went.

Today I call my massages healing therapy as it is so much more than a muscle-tension-massage. How I see it is that in our bodies we hold emotions and stress and that's when a tension or injury occurs. I work on those tensions and I create a safe space for the client so if they feel the need to release their emotions and stress then they can do that with me. The body will relax and let go.

Every single treatment I do today I see as a blessing. I come away full with energy.

A beautiful moment and connection.

Linnea Johansson