The Magic of Facing a fear, My story

One evening…after a long meditation I got a feeling, from my body, saying: take a away your layers and trust yourself and be the beauty you are, that you know deep inside you are but have forgotten. I sat with the feeling and it hit me hard, I was lost, I felt loss and grief for losing me and the fear I had built up about being me. I didn’t know my own opinions, my interest or what truly made me happy. I said to myself: I am sick of this, not wanting to play the game anymore and I want to find my inner wild spirit I know I am.

Months went by and I started to go with my intuiton, what came to my mind and went with it. Did my Reiki course and more meditations, lovely people came into my life and I could see the flower in me slowly growin. I thought back to what I felt that evening after my meditation and remembered the words…take away your layers and I took that literally. I knew I had to face a fear…to be seen as me, naked, vulnerable. I contacted as many life drawing tutors as I could find and went with it, I was ready to face a fear.

Things happened quickly after that and a week later I had my first life model session and I was terrified….off with my robe..naked infront of 10 strangers looking at me…I felt my judgement of myself drip away and there stood a woman (me) in her own skin and with her quirky personality fully embraced in all the love and respect from the artists. It was an healing session out of this world.

After that a chain reaction happened, so much love and connections came into my life, I believed in my self and I wasn’t scared of being true to myself. I felt my feet on the earth and that little girl who had been lost and hidded came out and my world burst into this coulourful magical place. Running around in the woods smelling sap, skipping down the streets, finding my opinions and what I believe in. I found my divine feminin and my wise wild woman power coming out and my flower was and still is in in full bloom.

Your fears are there to be faced and listen to it, go with it, its magical!

Today I work as a life model and after every session I come away with so much love and inner strenght.

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Linnea Johansson